Twitter increases website traffic by 500%

Author: Jeff Coon

As a follow up to yesterday's article on the power of twitter to increase brand awareness, I would like to share another recent example that illustrates how Twitter can help increase website traffic by leveraging social networks.

How to create an ebookOne of the keys to inbound marketing is creating content that offers value to your audience. In this spirit, we recently published an ebook (on how to create an interactive ebook, of all things). We published the ebook on our site and promoted it via our social networks and had some early success.

A few days later we were elated to see that HubSpot, our inbound marketing software partner saw the value in our ebook and tweeted about it to their network of 40,000+ followers (not too shabby).

Being exposed to their network increased our website traffic for that day by 500% and we had 20 e-book downloads in the first hour. Total ebook downloads since that day has increased by 900%.

That kind of exposure is great for increasing our brand awareness but you might be asking "Did it lead to direct sales?" The answer is "No" (not yet). We didn't have anyone immediately call us to help them design and build an ebook for their company, but that wasn't our intent.

Our intent was to provide value to our network (mission accomplished) and to hopefully get some additional brand exposure (mission certainly accomplished). The other benefits for us are that it helps boost our website authority in the eyes of the search engines and positions us as thoughts leaders in the area of ebook design.

Is your company a thought leader in your industry? What content can you provide to your audience that will build trust, credibility and position you as experts in your field?

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