Notable Ways Content Marketing Is Making An Impression On PR – Part 2

Has your marketing and communication team identified the role content marketing plays in your public relations strategy? Producing relevant content that positions your business and its leaders and industry experts, along with collaborating with influential partners, can have a profound effect on your ability to expand reach, expand relationships and strengthen your brand. Part one ofNotable Ways Content Marketing is Making an Impression on PR focused on collaborative content – specifically guest blogs, influencer outreach and establishing partnerships. In part two, the focus shifts to four additional key areas that can improve your brand’s PR evolution and content marketing integration.

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Author: Andrea Meyers

Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Nov. 14-18

Build a great website that creates brand awareness and generates leads. This is any businesses’ goal when going through the process or creating a website, or even social networking profile. What steps should a business take to build a website that links their needs to the needs of their customers? Check out this week’s website checklist to see if your website meets all the requirements.

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Author: Monica Madsen

Free Kindle Book Creates Viral Social Media Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, a new book "Empowered" hit the store shelves. They also included free downloads during the premier week for U.S. Kindle users. I was made aware of this promotion through my Forrester enewsletter subscription (which I signed up for after reading Groundswell). In this past year, using free ebooks, whitepapers, research data, etc has become the norm for companies looking to increase leads by using this inbound marketing technique. However, I haven't seen anyone give away a Kindle book like this before! Even if you don't have a Kindle, why not download the book and read it on the Kindle App for your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Mac or PC?

Empowered Facebook Page Promoting Free Kindle Book
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Author: Steve James

Twitter increases website traffic by 500%

As a follow up to yesterday's article on the power of twitter to increase brand awareness, I would like to share another recent example that illustrates how Twitter can help increase website traffic by leveraging social networks.

How to create an ebook
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Author: Jeff Coon