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Author: Monica Madsen

One of my goals for this internship is to get certified in Inbound Marketing. How is this going to happen?

Well, I've been taking the online classes with Inbound Marketing University (IMU). The classes consist of 16 one-hour video trainings and reading assignments that give a step-by-step process of inbound marketing. The videos give a significant amount of information on SEO, blogging, social media, and everything I need to know about this growing industry of digital marketing.

One video I found very useful and informative is "SEO Crash Course to Get Found". Here are some notes that I took from the video that I think are important to know:

  1. Content should be added often/periodically to your site or blog. The more keywords you have out there, the more likely you will be findable. 
  2. It's not necessarily the quantity of the content but the quality of the content that matters. The content needs to be relevant and authoritative in order to be effective. 
  3. Find the keywords your customers use to find your products/services. This can be done by reviewing web analytics, brainstorming based on customer needs, and interviewing or surveying your customers. 
  4. Important words in a paragraph should be to the left and should be about 8-10 words. People get bored if they aren't intrigued by the first few words. And they don't want to read a really long paragraph or article. Focus on 1-2 keyword phrases. 
  5. Include hypertext links that include keywords within your blog or website to other internal pages. This can build traffic for your site, but make sure the content is worth linking to and is relevant.

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