Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Aug. 15-19

Author: Monica Madsen

Working on a new website and want to make sure your business gets found? Want to improve your social media rankings? Not sure where to look for help? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to being found online. Here are some helpful articles explaining what SEO is all about. These articles take you through the basics and through advanced steps to improve your SEO.

SEO Must-Know Basics: The Hows and Whats

If you're still learning how SEO works, Sean Sweeney, from MarketingProfs, explains ways to approach SEO, using it properly in your website’s content including:

  • Keyword Management
  • Proper use of Meta Tags, URLS, and Images
  • Having a Linking Strategy

7 Ways to Improve Your Blog SEO with Inbound Links

Are you writing blogs but the rankings aren’t that great? Jim Lodica, from SocialMedia Examiner, gives 7 simple ways to increase rankings and get your blogs read including:

  • Provide relevant and valuable content
  • Create links, internal and external

6 Ways to Immediately Amplify Your On-Page SEO

Communication is key in being found online and receiving higher ranks in search engines. Sarah Goliger, from HubSpot Blog, can help with 6 simple “tricks” to expand your reach and boost your rankings, such as:

  • Using keywords in your content
  • Create links within your site
  • Provide images with captions

What are your top marketing articles for the week?

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