Green Bay Packers Tackle Social Media

Author: Monica Madsen

It is officially football season. And for Packer fans, things are off to a great start!

NFL fans were put on hold while the NFL Lockout was going on, but the fans could stay updated on the latest news. It is important to die-hard NFL fans to be updated on the news of their favorite teams because they want to be dedicated to and supportive of their team. It is also important for the teams to keep their fans updated and engaged in the latest news and updates on injuries, stats, etc. by being loyal their devoted fans. So, how are the fans and teams communicating and staying updated? Simple: Social Media.

It’s not hard to find the Green Bay Packers online, outside of their website. If you’re not sure where to find your Packers online, let me help you out.

  • @packers on Twitter
    • Follow the game with play-by-play tweets. Read comments from Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, and other Packers players. Get updates on injury statuses’, stats, and reviews.
  • Green Bay Packers on Facebook
    • See the most recent pictures of games. Read posted articles and get the inside scoop. Enter contests to win awesome prizes. Join discussions with other die-hard Packer fans just like you!
  • Official Green Bay Packers Mobile App
    • This is a free app supported by iPhone and Android. With this app you can get Packers news, video, stats, and more. Every Packer fan should have this app!
  • Journal Sentinel Packers Blog
    • Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel had their own team of writers prepared to give you the latest news, videos, and analysis of your favorite team.
  • Packers Everywhere
  • NFL on Twitter

Follow the Packers Announcers on Twitter

Green Bay Press-Gazette Announcers on Twitter

Follow Your Favorite Players on Twitter*

*Not all players with Twitter are listed. A Twitter Search can be done to find a player not listed.

How do you stay connected with the Green Bay Packers? Share your Packers’ experience with us!

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