Eco-friendly Marketing Sprouts Up in Milwaukee

Author: Brian Brinkman

Rock the Green T-Shirts Sales

This past weekend, Milwaukee's lakefront hosted the first annual Rock The Green music festival. This first of it's kind event combined live music with sustainability to create a truly unique concert experience. Everywhere you looked during the event it was easy see concert organizers and vendors were working together to create a near-zero waste production. From biodiesel generators to reusable water bottles, recycling played a huge role in every aspect of the event.

Rock the Green Logo

One of the more clever uses of recycling, from a marketing standpoint, was on display from Goodwill Industries. Instead of printing traditional concert t-shirts, Goodwill used gently worn t-shirts from their retail stores to create one of a kind concert tees. A bold, black concert logo was screen printed over the top of existing graphics creating a hip, new look with a retro feel. The concert tees sold briskly at $10 per shirt; typically used shirts at Goodwill retail for approximately $3 per shirt.  This unique approach was a win for not only Goodwill, but also concert goers and most importantly environmental sustainability.

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Goodwill Industries Rock the Green tent

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