Social Media Myths Exposed

Author: Monica Madsen

Many businesses want to use social networking to spread content and reach their target audience. The problem occurs when businesses research how to use social networking. Several misconceptions about social media and how to use it are floating around online.

It’s about time these myths get uncovered and the truth comes out. Neal Rodriguez, an online marketer from, reveals the truth about social media.

Myth 1: Social media can replace your website.
Its obvious social media isn’t going anywhere, especially with the new networks that are being created such as Google+. But websites aren’t disappearing even after the social networking revolution. Emailing is still the top way to communicate both inside and outside a business. Also, it is easier to capture new email contacts using forms on a website verses social media networks.

Myth 2: Social media will replace real-life networking.
People are getting involved with the latest tech “toys” and seemingly less involved in interacting with others on a personal level. Video chats are being used as a means of communication instead going out for coffee to chat with a group of people. But, even with the new gadgets that are constantly being released, people still want that face-to-face communication. Instead of using social media to have full blown discussions and conversations, use it as a means of contact, to meet people. After connecting on the network, schedule a time to get together and discuss the latest trend within your industry.

Myth 3: Blogging is a waste of time.
If this were true, why are we constantly seeing tweets and updates about the latest blog posts about marketing, SEO, etc.? Blogging gives a business the chance to say what’s on its mind, sharing important news and updates. Use a blog to incorporate new content into a website. Engage with the readers by asking questions, encouraging them to post comments. Share the blog not only on the website, but on social networks as well, and ask for others to share the blog.

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*Source: “10 Myths About Social Networking for Business,” (Aug. 10, 2011)

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