Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Sept. 26 - 30

Author: Monica Madsen

Building your website is a big step toward getting found online. To have an effective and useful website, you must go through steps of testing, add valuable content, and make adjustments as feedback comes in so you can watch your business grow! Here are some articles that offer advice and tips for testing your website and using landing pages to capture more leads and customers.

22 Essential Tools for Testing Your Website’s Usability

Every website should be easy to use and navigate. Jacob Gube, from Mashable, offers various ways to ensure you website's success. In this article:

  • Learn what affects website usability
  • Understand the importance of content
  • Make the site accessible

Title Tags - Is 70 Characters the Best Practice? - Whiteboard Friday

How long is too long for a webpage title? Cyrus Shepard, from SEOmoz, answers this question as wells as how to properly use a title tag. In this video: 

  • Keep keywords towards the beginning of the title
  • Meet the users' expectations
  • Experiment

A Showcase of Landing Pages Designed for Conversion

Landing pages are created with the goal of engaging viewers, to enforce an action. Alex Black, from Web Design Ledger, explains how to turn those potential customers into actual customers. In this article: 

  • Limit the distractions on a landing page 
  • Encourage the viewer to take action
  • Design the page in an engaging way


What are some practices you do to encourage visits to your website? How do you keep them engaged?

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