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Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Nov. 7-11

Author: Monica Madsen

With any SEO strategy, valuable information that engages an audience needs to be offered. Publishing and sharing useful content will draw more customers to you. When creating great content, various rules must be followed so that the content doesn’t fail. In this weeks Inbound Marketing Recap, learn how to create beneficial content that reaches your audience.

6 Reasons Great Content Fails

It is not that easy to create intriguing content. Content that you may think is great may really not be, and it ends up failing. Pamela Vaughan, of Hubspot, shares reasons why content fails and provides ways to avoid some mistakes. In this article:

  • Have a creative title or headline
  • Target the topic appropriately
  • Learn from mistakes

Content Marketing Essentials: Tactical Advice From A to Z

Being able to create content for all kinds of brands is important in a content market strategy. The content is created to help the customers better understand the business. Businesses create the content to communicate and develop leads with their customers. Marty Weintraub, of Search Engine Land, shares advice on how to create useful content for all brands. In this article:

  • Be creative
  • Research
  • Provide Value

Is Your Content Too Focused?

Content should not just be targeted around the business. The information a business shares should include topics that the customers really care about, content that will have an effect and possibly cause an action on the customers part. Marketing Profs shares information about how to expand on your content. In this article:

  • Stop talking exclusively about the products
  • Expand on the benefits of using a product
  • View the message from the reader’s perspective

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