Black Friday: A Social Media Experience

Author: Monica Madsen

Black Friday seems to be the trending topic this time of year. It seems people are preparing for more the shopping extravaganzas than for Thanksgiving! And just like your Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday either turns out perfectly where you get exactly what you wanted or you leave unsatisfied.

This year, social media has a big role in the hopeful success of businesses. Twitter and Facebook is swarming with deals and gift card contests for stores. Foursquare is even proving effective by having “specials” for every check-in at certain places. Apps for Androids and iPhones have been created to promote and help your the Black Friday shopping experience.

Check out what some stores are sharing on Twitter, encouraging customers to spend some money on their special items.

Are you going shopping on Black Friday? Share your experience with us and any great deals you found!

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