20 Resources to Guide You Through Pinterest

Author: Monica Madsen

Pinterest is the latest hottest trending social network online, driving more traffic than some other popular social sites. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest by now, let me bring you up to date on this new hot social networking site. Pinterest takes you to a whole new world of ideas with sharing and organizing. “People use pin boards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.” (pinterest.com/about)  Check out this great article for a complete overview: Pinterest: Everything You Need To Know Is In This Massive Post

PinterestMany perks come with this new sharing site for both individuals and businesses. As a business, Pinterest can be used as a marketing site, sharing products, techniques, and ideas.  Doing this will increase brand awareness and engagement, drawing people to the business’s site. A variety of resources are provided to help successfully use Pinterest for your business.

  1. Pinterest: An Introduction for Marketers
  2. Social Media Helpdesk: “How Do I Use Pinterest For Business?”
  3. Pinterest Becomes Top Traffic Driver for Retailers [INFOGRAPHIC]
  4. How to Create Pinterest in Your Healthcare Marketing
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Pinterest for Marketing
  6. How and Why to Use Pinterest for Business
  7. How To Use Pinterest For Local SEO
  8. More Tips and Tricks for Companies and Brands Using Pinterest
  9. 9 Tips: Boost Your Business With Pinterest
  10. Top 5 Tips for Brands on Pinterest

Besides using Pinterest for a business, the sharing pin board can be a huge help for individuals. Turn your boards in a huge bookmarking site to keep track of anything and everything you are interested in. Here are some reasons why and how to use Pinterest for your personal life.

  1. Pinterest Tips & Tricks
  2. Pinterest: What it is, how to use it and why you’ll be addicted
  3. How To Use Pinterest, And Why You Should
  4. Pinterest with Friends: How to Contribute & Curate Boards Together!
  5. Pinterest Tips For Photographers and Other Visual People
  6. Pinterest: How To Use It & How To Love It
  7. Pinterest: More Tips and Tricks and FAQ
  8. To Pin or Not to Pin: An in-depth look at Pinterest
  9. Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide
  10. How an Alaskan Mom Brings Millions to Her Carpentry Blog

Do you have Pinterest? How do you use it for your personal interests or your business?

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