Increase Social Media ROI with HubSpot’s Social Inbox

Author: Monica Madsen

“Social media creates kinship between companies and customers, and kinship equals purchase intent. - Jay Baer 

In any business, there’s always something going on. Everyone is busy with his or her own tasks. Finding time to manage and prioritize customers becomes a challenge. The same can be said about social media monitoring. New social posts are being shared every second.

52% of marketers cite difficulties in accurately measuring ROI as their biggest source of frustration in social marketing. (Source: Adobe)

All too often, even the best social marketers end up sifting through junk, having disconnected interactions, and being unable to show real results. Without any context, you have no idea who to prioritize and how to address them. This wastes time and results in impersonal, disconnected interactions that don't do much for your business.

HubSpot social inbox helps increase social media roiSo, how do you keep track of all the posts and mentions, respond, and measure ROI and social media success? HubSpot has created a new social media tool to help you get the most promise and success out of social media.

Introducing HubSpot’s Social Inbox

HubSpot turned social media into a powerful contact database, which enables you to create highly targeted segments of leads and customers. This integration lets you to alert a sales rep when a high-scoring lead mentions a competitor or turn a one-time social interaction with a customer into a series of follow up emails. With HubSpot, Social Media becomes a contextualized part of your marketing, sales, and customer service strategies.

HubSpot Social InboxIt's this same context that also enables you to measure the true ROI of your social media efforts. By integrating social data into your full marketing analytics, HubSpot shows you how many leads and customers were generated social and who they are.

Why create a “Social Inbox”?

Amid all of the noise on social media, some messages are just more important than others. Creating an inbox, complete with filtering and priority alerts, enables users to elevate messages from their most important contacts - their customers, leads, or influencers.

Like email marketing, you can use Social Inbox to create highly targeted segments, for example, social contacts in a particular role or at a certain purchase decision point. But, because of internal alerts and CRM integration, responses are kept personal, not automated. When someone does respond, from a marketing manager, to a sales rep to a customer service professional, they'll have the context they need from the contact's profile to do so in a relevant and tailored way. Bottom line? Social Inbox makes scalable personal attention possible.

Increase Social Media ROIWhat features does this add to HubSpot Social Media?

  • Better monitoring of keywords and twitter lists.
  • New: Monitor your smart lists. For example, you can get a view of just your qualified leads on twitter.
  • New: Get email alerts for when a lead, customer or other targeted contact mentions a certain keyword or a competitor.
  • New: "Contact match" search to help you find the twitter handles of more contacts.
  • New: Assign or forward a tweet for response. And see a history of responses.
  • New:  See lifecycle stage and salesforce owner of each social contact, and then click through to see the full profile. 
  • New: Social Media Monitoring and Publishing in the iPhone and Android App 

Watch the video introduction of Social Inbox.

At Stream Creative, we are extremely excited to be able to integrate our social contacts into our current analytics to help personalize our marketing, not only for us, but for our clients as well. We’re looking forward to using HubSpot’s social inbox to its full potential to continue social media growth and ROI.

This new feature will roll out to all HubSpot customers in June. To find out more, click here.

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