HubSpot Sales Starter vs Sales Professional Features and Pricing Comparison

Author: Stephanie Santoro

HubSpot’s sales services allow users to do amazing things. Stellar CRM? Check. Email templates, sequencing and live chat? Check. But sometimes you need more than that. HubSpot Sales Professional offers even more capabilities -- but is it right for your team?

Take a look below as we compare HubSpot Sales Starter and HubSpot Sales Professional to help you make the right choice. In this article, I’ll review:

  • The key differences between Sales Starter and Sales Professional
  • The capabilities of Hubspot Sales Start
  • The new features of Hubspot Sales Professional
  • Cost comparison of the tiered programs

Key Differences Between HubSpot Sales Starter and HubSpot Sales Professional

HubSpot Sales Starter is for small, growing teams. When you first start your business, you may not have as many sales materials to manage and don’t necessarily need to pay extra for a program filled with features you may never use. Sales Starter, as the name suggests, is a great starting point for your growing business.

The Benefits of Using HubSpot Sales Starter and Sales Professional

With awesome capabilities designed for smaller sized teams, Sales Starter could be just what your business is looking for to initiate a sales-focused strategy.

HubSpot Sales Starter includes the following:

  • Core CRM – access to the core CRM features
  • Send Later – ability to schedule 1:1 emails to go out at a specified time
  • Teams – the ability to create 1 team
  • Deal Pipeline – access to 1 deal pipeline
  • Templates – Unlimited templates
  • Sequences – Unlimited sequences
  • Documents – Unlimited documents
  • Meetings – Unlimited meetings links
  • Live Chat – Access to messages (live chat)
  • Calling – 500 minutes/month
  • Notifications – Unlimited notifications

New features of HubSpot Sales Professional

HubSpot Sales Professional is designed for professional sales teams who are ready to upgrade their operations and transform their simple sales processes into a revenue generating sales engine.

This program is perfect for a team that has already established itself and is looking to take their strategy to the next level. Sales Professional offers many enhanced sales features that will allow you to manage more specific elements of any given campaign. Moreover, Sales Professional will allow you to really dive into the insights and improve your connection with your audience.

What makes Sales Professional different?

Workflows – your sales pipeline will always be accurate and up-to-date when you use workflows for deal and task automation. It’s important to note that Sales Professional users don’t get access to bulk email and can’t use workflows for lead nurturing or drip campaigns.


Reporting – HubSpot Sales Professional users get access to unlimited custom reports and one dashboard to view and manage their reporting.


Predictive Lead Scoring – HubSpot Sales Professional users get access to predictive lead scoring. It’s important to note that this predictive lead scoring is slightly different from the PLS on the marketing side. That’s because we’ve rebuilt it with a proprietary algorithm that is more reliable for small businesses with less data.

predictive lead scoring.png

Smart Notifications – Smart notifications help you prioritize your outreach by surfacing the hottest engaged leads (rather than just the most recent activities).

smart notifications.png

Products – Products is a new object in HubSpot CRM that will be available to all HubSpot Sales Pro users. Products allows reps to associate a deal with what they are actually selling so that teams and managers can report on product-specific data.


Quotes – You can use this tool to generate quotes on products that you can easily share with a prospect. The customized quote is hosted on a non-indexed URL that you can easily send to your prospects.



Sequence Queues  This tool allows you to send large amounts of fully personalized emails to your contacts without spending a large amount of your day on them. Simply select contacts you wish to enroll into a sequence and the tool will help you navigate through each of them to personalize and send quickly and efficiently.

Sales Email Recommendations – The Sale Email Recommendations are located in the sequences pane where you personalize emails and will help keep those personalized emails from getting too generic. 

This tool will provide each email with a personalization score and will offer you recommendations to make it better. It presents information about the specific person you're enrolling in the sequence, giving you insights that will help you tailor your message to them.


Calling – HubSpot Sales Professional users will get access to up to 33 hours of calling per user per month. HubSpot Sales Starter users will get access to up to 8 hours of calling per user per month.

Required Fields – Required fields in the CRM will only be available to Sales Professional users.

Multiple Deal Pipelines – Multiple deal pipelines will only be available to Sales Professional users.

Teams – Teams will only be available to HubSpot Sales Professional users.

Advanced Views – Advanced views/permissions will only be available to HubSpot Sales Professional users.

SFDC Connector – HubSpot Sales Professional users will have access to the SFDC Connector so they can integrate the Sales Hub with their Salesforce instance.

Pricing Comparison: Hubspot Sales Starter versus Hubspot Sales Professional

HubSpot Sales Starter is $50 a month for one person. HubSpot Sales Professional will be available for $400 a month for teams of up to 5 users ($80 per additional member). 

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.22.40 PM

Side note: You cannot combine use of both Sales Professional and Sales Starter.

These awesome HubSpot tools will help you grow no matter what stage your business is in. Whether you are just starting out or ready to take things to the next level, HubSpot has the resources to help your business succeed.

Want to take a closer look? Visit HubSpot to see these sales packages for yourself!


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