Transform An Old School Skeptic Into An Inbound Believer

Day to day, situations present themselves that make human beings naturally skeptical. From weather reports to religious beliefs, aggressive work deadlines, or if a co-workers lunch is actually edible - skepticism represents the absence of knowing all the facts. Information is what converts a skeptic into a full believer.

Like any evangelist, inbound marketing professionals face circumstances where their philosophies and beliefs will be questioned.  Thankfully, the foundation lies in the undeniable proof and statistics that show the impact inbound marketing can make for those who use it successfully. The challenge is effectively communicating facts and examples in a way that is adapted to best make an impact pertaining to the skeptic’s particular service or business. Frank the Tank (Will Ferrell) displays this style best.

If you tap into these 4 characteristics of how an individual’s brain works, you may just transform a skeptic into a believer.

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Author: Andrea Meyers

Target Ads Weren't 'LOST' On Us

Target TV Ad

For those LOST fans out there, you probably noticed the amount of TV ads that ran during the Season Finale. Admittedly, I was getting frustrated with the constant interruptions but I really enjoyed the ads that Target ran. (You can preview the TV Spots below.)

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Author: Jeff Coon