Must-Have Elements For an Effective Website (Part Two: Design)

In part one of our must-have elements for an effective website, I focused on content. In part two, I’ll touch how we’ve come a long way from old school website design; although, some elements of modern sites give a nod to features from back in the day in regard to simplicity. While a lot of creative inspiration and functionality factors go in to good design, here are some current trends that have broad acceptance and appeal.

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Author: Andrea Meyers

Responsive Design & Mobile Filter Sets Websites Apart

In 2015, the number of mobile-only internet users exceeded desktop-only users. Additionally, Google championed responsive website design by judging how “mobile-friendly” a site is and using that metric to weight results served to mobile devices – affecting actual page rankings. Many companies scrambled this past year to be sure their websites were up to par in regard to Google’s mobile standards. For businesses who have not yet made the necessary website design changes that provide responsive design for multi-size device users, you may struggle to be found by prospective customers or lose them due to an inadequate experience.

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Author: Steve James