How to setup Google AMP in Hubspot

There's a famous scene in Rocky II (easily the greatest movie of all time), where Rocky's manager Mick explains how they're going to beat the champ, Apollo Creed.

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Author: Brian Brinkman

Responsive Design & Mobile Filter Sets Websites Apart

In 2015, the number of mobile-only internet users exceeded desktop-only users. Additionally, Google championed responsive website design by judging how “mobile-friendly” a site is and using that metric to weight results served to mobile devices – affecting actual page rankings. Many companies scrambled this past year to be sure their websites were up to par in regard to Google’s mobile standards. For businesses who have not yet made the necessary website design changes that provide responsive design for multi-size device users, you may struggle to be found by prospective customers or lose them due to an inadequate experience.

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Author: Steve James

YouTube's Traffic Comes From Mobile (what does this mean for you?)

YouTube has been the most popular streaming site for videos on the Internet for quite some time, and its traffic shows no signs of slowing down. While YouTube is still facing the challenging of making a profit of the traffic to the site, Google revealed earlier this year in its earnings that 40% of its current traffic to YouTube comes from mobile users, an increase from 25% in 2012 and 6% in 2011.

As soon as 2014, YouTube may consider shifting its content so that users of mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets have better access to the content. It’s no surprise that mobile usage of YouTube has increased; the trend goes hand-in-hand with other technological movements like the incorporation of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networking sites. In fact, Facebook reported that it had 819 million monthly users or 73% of its total 1.15 billion users in the second quarter of 2013.

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Author: Guest Author

Why Should a Business have a Mobile Website or Create a Mobile App?

Many businesses struggle with the question of whether or not to have a mobile site and/or a mobile app. Today I attended the AMA- Milwaukee's Social Media SIG: Mobile Industry's Impact on Social Media held at Aurora Healthcare. 

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Author: Mary Jo Preston

Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Aug. 22- 26

As we begin new web site projects with clients, one of the top questions we are asked is "Will my web site work on my phone?” Smartphones are no longer a trend, but they are an extension of connecting your business with your customers wherever they may be - it doesn't matter if it's a local client in Milwaukee or one with locations globally. With creating new mobile websites comes additional learning on how to keep up your SEO rankings, not just for the computer but for mobile marketing as well. Here are some useful sources from this week’s inbound marketing news to help you learn the steps to being a successful mobile marketer.

Mobile Marketing
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Author: Monica Madsen