Weekly Flashback: The Ultimate LinkedIn Cheat Sheet and Top 3 Google Search Ranking Factors

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blog-image-stream-creative-3-25.jpgI’m excited to share this week’s list of posts because a couple hit close to home. The first listed on Facebook ad strategy is a great audio post by my consultant, Rick Mulready, who provides great insight about the many recent changes marketers need to know. Other posts touch on a new way to view the sales funnel, an awesome LinkedIn cheat sheet and Google’s top 3 search ranking factors. Lastly, I want to share our agency’s list of top Midwest conferences for 2016 – including our own, Experience Inbound taking place this May.

  1. Facebook Ads Strategy: How Marketers Need to Alter Their Techniques - SocialMediaExaminer.com

I’ve shared a lot of articles about Facebook advertising strategy and I particularly like this one because it focuses on ways marketers can alter and improve their techniques. Rick Mulready shares his expertise on how Facebook advertising has evolved and changed over the years and why marketers need to stay up to date on the latest targeting techniques

  1. Don’t Follow a Funnel, Create Content for an Engine [Research] ContentMarketingInstitute.com

This post shares a bit about research done on engagement in today’s digital communications ecosystem and how it works not like a funnel, but like an engine where brands and consumers are synergistically interacting with each other in new ways that can have a powerful impact on customer value. You’ll learn how consumers engage more actively and in ways that involve relevant interaction with the brand, when there is a strong correlation to increasing levels of customer lifetime value.

  1. The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet – SearchEngineJournal.com

Is your LinkedIn profile complete? If it is, this post will tell you that you are 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities. Use this fantastic infographic to breakdown your current profile and review these recommendations for improvements. Here's the link to the original Linkedin Profile Cheat Sheet.

  1. Now we know: Here are Google’s Top 3 Search Ranking Factors – SearchEngineLand.com

Have you wondered what factors make you rank higher on Google? Google's Andrey Lipattsev reveals links, content and RankBrain are the top three ranking signals in Google's search algorithm.

  1. Top 11 Midwest Marketing, Advertising and PR Conferences You Can’t Miss in 2016 – StreamCreative.com

The team at Stream Creative has compiled a list of our top marketing, advertising and public relations conferences taking place in the Midwest throughout 2016. Conferences include the Insight Summit Series, Social Media Strategies Summit, ConFab, our own Experience Inbound taking place in Milwaukee on 5/23 and Green Bay on 5/24, and more.

What articles have you read this week that you found interesting? Please share any good resources for inbound and digital marketing initiatives in the comments below.

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