Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Oct. 24 - 28

Author: Monica Madsen

Non-profits use stories to share their message in hopes of getting their audience to take action. Ironically enough, social media is used by businesses to share stories and communicate with their audience. So, why not use social media for non-profits? That is exactly what top non-profit organizations are doing. Using social media can benefit your cause and further spread its awareness. Learn how other non-profits are incorporating social media into their strategy.

10 Ways Non-Profits Can Benefit From Social Media

Most non-profit organizations have the same goal in mind: share their story to spread awareness of their cause and see results. Jason Miller, from Social Media Examiner, gives tips to take advantage of to benefit your organization. In this article:

  • Be interactive – using polls, feedback, and Twitter 
  • Use videos to illustrate your story 
  • Know your audience – donors, volunteers, partners, etc.

15 stats on how the top nonprofits use social media

Non-profits need to understand how to use social media before they can just dive right in and expect immediate results. Kyle Lace, from, gives the top stats and ideas of how non-profits are using social media in their campaigns. In this article:

  • Give more than one option to share content – use all social media channels 
  • Size of your non-profit following does not depend on budget size 
  • Income does not increase visibility – interactions expands the organization

How Nonprofits Can Effectively Use Social Media

Using social media is more than a strategy; it is a tactic. Eileen O’Brien, from Philadelphia Young Nonprofit Leaders, shares her slideshow on how to properly use social media for your organization. In this slideshow:

  • Use the channels your audience is using
  • Recruit people within your organization who have a passion for social media 
  • Share valuable content

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