10 Must-Have iPad Apps for Interactive Business Presentations

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Apple iPads and mobile devices have become essential business tools across the globe since their release in the late 2000s.

They serve many useful business functions such as email, messaging, media and many administrative tasks with default settings alone. Combine that with some of the best iOS apps for business optimization, and your device will be a business power-house machine. 

Why you need it: iOS currently holds a dominant position in the enterprise world. In 2018, 79% of mobile business use came from iPhone’s and iPad’s,with 41% of that coming from iPad usage.

Check out these five apps to help make and present interactive business presentations.

iPads and smartphones offer efficient solutions to everyday projects in the business world. Expedite any and all tasks, such as note-taking, creating presentations, communication, CRM, file sharing, and many others. Continue reading to see our list of some of the best apps to install on your devices for optimal productivity in the office.

5 Must-Have iPad Apps for Interactive Business Presentations

  1. 5 Must-Have iPad Apps for Interactive Business PresentationsKeynote. Part of the Apple iWork suite, the Keynote app is user-friendly and compatible with PowerPoint. Collaborate with colleagues in real-time over iCloud and when you're ready, present in person or remotely using Keynote Live.
  2. Prezi Viewer. If you use Prezi to create your interactive business presentations, you can present them with your iPad anywhere. While you won't create the presentation in the iOS app itself in this case, Prezi is such a powerful and unique tool for creating presentations that it’s worth trying for your next presentation.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint. Practically synonymous with presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for informational and photo slideshows. Play from your device, broadcast to your TV or share via the cloud.
  4. Google Slides. Make, tweak, collaborate with colleagues, and share or present slideshows directly from any of your devices. Make beautiful slides instantly. You can also work with PowerPoint slides in Google Slides.
  5. Adobe Spark Video. From novices to experts — Adobe Spark is a great resource for creating video presentations. Easily splice together video clips, photos, text overlays, music and even your own narration, and the app will handle the rest. Then present your video or share it on your blogor social media account.

    Just as the iPad and business presentations go together, so do the iPad and the business professional. As a member of the business world, it is important to stay organized, connected and up-to-date on the latest technology. This is where the iPad comes into the picture. The iPad is there to help organize and complete all of your tasks, ideas and contacts. Check out these five apps for sales and marketing business professionals.

5 Must-Have Mobile Apps and iPad Apps for Business Professionals
5 Must-Have Mobile Apps and iPad Apps for Business Professionals

  1. Microsoft 365. Log into your Microsoft account and collaborate with colleagues on documents across multiple devices. This cloud-based office suite includes the following apps available for the Mac: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.
  2. Bitrix24. Features a complete set of business tools in a single, intuitive interface. Bitrix24 contains five areas of specialty: communications, tasks and projects, CRM, contact center and website builder.
  3. Evernote. Type your notes or scan handwritten notes. Conveniently add anything you need, such as to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, or audio. Notes sync across all devices, making it easy to share with anyone, and anywhere.
  4. 1Password. This convenient app remembers all your passwords for you, while keeps them safe and secure. This app makes life easier for you and everybody in your organization.
  5. Dropbox. This app lets you back up photos and videos, and access files stored on any of your computers or mobile devices—from anywhere. Share files of any size with ease to anyone with this cloud-based app.

The apps below didn’t make our “Top 10” list, but these mobile apps will surely benefit yourself as a business professional! Give them a trial run and test them out.

  • Genius Scan. Use the camera on your iPad or mobile device to scan any of your paper documents and export them as PDF or JPEG files with this efficient scanner app.
  • Salesforce. Use the Salesforce app to quickly access your company’s CRM. The app is cross-platform along with offline capabilities. 
  • Pages. This is a powerful word processor for mobile devices. Use pre-installed templates or start from scratch with a blank document. This app is great for creating resumes, digital books, posters and more. 
  • Microsoft Teams. Teams is the perfect app for your company’s collaboration efforts. Meetings, files, messages and apps are stored together in this app. Teams is one of the highest rated apps in the business category on the Apple store!
  • HotSchedules. This scheduling app is a fast and simple way to manage your schedule and team communication. Company employees will love it because they can swap, pick-up, or release shifts with ease on their mobile devices.

How has the iPad been beneficial for your business presentations or as a business professional? What apps do you use on a regular basis? Share them with us in a comment below.

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