10 Must-Have iPad Apps for Interactive Business Presentations and Professionals

Author: Monica Madsen

Businesses incorporate new technology, such as the Apple iPad, to help simplify meetings, social media, and give interactive business presentations. Check out these five apps to help make and present interactive business presentations.

5 Must-Have iPad Apps for Interactive Business Presentations

  • Keynote. Part of the Apple iWork suite, the Keynote app is user-friendly and compatible with PowerPoint, which makes it beneficial for a business where everyone may not be using Apple products.
  • Prezi ViewerIf you use Prezi to create your interactive business presentations, you can present them with your iPad anywhere.
  • Power Presenter.When using a projector for your presentation, this app comes in handy. It also allows you to present a website and write, draw, and highlight on the slides during the presentation.
  • Corkulous. Save notes, contacts, ideas, and more on a corkboard. Corkulous also supports iCloud and Dropbox for extra sharing and data saving.
  • Sadun’s Whiteboard. Use a virtual whiteboard to present instead of a slideshow. Connect to a projection system using an Apple VGA video-out cable and draw right on an external screen with regular whiteboard markers and erasers.

Just as the iPad and business presentations go together, so do the iPad and the business professional. As a person in the business world, it is important to stay organized, connected, and up-to-date on the latest technology. This is where the iPad comes into the picture. The iPad is there to help with all those different tasks you must complete and keep track of ideas and contacts. Check out these five apps for the sales and marketing business professional.

5 Must-Have iPad Apps for Business Professional

  • GoToMeeting. Never miss a meeting again. GoToMeeting app allows you to attend a meeting wherever you are just by tapping the invite link. Share screens with the presenter to view slideshows, charts, reports or whatever needs to be shared.
  • Penultimate. Take notes with ease using your iPad instead of ferociously scribbling on that pad of paper. Save and organize notes so they are easy to find and share them with coworkers or friends.
  • Evernote.  Sync Evernote on all your devices to keep all your notes, to-do lists, reminders, and photos in one place.
  • TweetDeck. Be a social butterfly and stay connected to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Monitor, manage, and post to your networks from one app.
  • Dropbox. Take your office with you wherever you go. With Dropbox, you can save all your files in this one location, and once Dropbox is installed on all your devices, you can access all your files from anywhere with any device.

How has the iPad been beneficial for your business presentations or as a business professional? What apps do you use on a regular basis? Share them with us.

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