7 iPad Apps for Your Small Business Inbound Marketing Efforts

Traditionally, small and medium sized businesses have been placed at a marketing disadvantage. Television, radio, and even print advertising, can often be too expensive for most locally owned businesses, therefore making any kind of traditional advertising out of reach. However, with the popularity of inbound marketing teaming up with online marketing, now small and medium sized businesses have discovered that it's a game changer.

ipad apps for inbound marketing
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Author: Steve James

10 Must-Have iPad Apps for Interactive Business Presentations and Professionals

Businesses incorporate new technology, such as the Apple iPad, to help simplify meetings, social media, and give interactive business presentations. Check out these five apps to help make and present interactive business presentations.

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Author: Monica Madsen

Informal Study: iPads Turn Kids into Freaks

This is a formal warning to all parents with young children: iPads, smartphones and technology will turn your kids into freaks. They will no longer want to press buttons and will think that all devices function via touchscreen technology.

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Author: Jeff Coon