Manufacturing Marketing Content Creation Trends and Opportunities for 2020

Industry research studies can serve as a barometer to measure the change in key metrics over time. They are useful for pointing out trends, progress, and challenges among similarly situated companies. They help you compare your own experience and performance to others.

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Author: Greg Elwell

5 Ways to Use the Survey Monkey Integration in HubSpot

One of the most popular uses of online surveys is for businesses to conduct research. By sharing surveys, companies have the opportunity to perform valuable market research that will aid in buyer persona development, journey mapping, lead nurturing, and to obtain valuable feedback. Additionally, Survey Monkey notes, “Surveying your customers to test branding and naming concepts will help you understand the attitudes motivations, and preferences of your customers, especially in relation to your competitors.” Regardless of your motivation for incorporating surveys into your inbound marketing strategies, utilizing the Survey Monkey Integration in HubSpot allows you to take your data and turn it into something actionable.

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Author: Steve James

Essential Steps to Mapping the Buyer’s Journey and Generating Leads (Part 1)

People make buying decisions much differently today than they did 15…10… even 5 years ago. Gone are the days where a cold call is an acceptable form of capturing the attention of new prospects and customers. In fact, most people don’t even like answering a phone call from a friend, much less have a conversation with someone they have not met. This is just one example of the drastic change businesses have experienced in recent years with generating leads and mapping their buyer’s journey.

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Author: Andrea Meyers