Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Aug. 22- 26

Author: Monica Madsen

As we begin new web site projects with clients, one of the top questions we are asked is "Will my web site work on my phone?” Smartphones are no longer a trend, but they are an extension of connecting your business with your customers wherever they may be - it doesn't matter if it's a local client in Milwaukee or one with locations globally. With creating new mobile websites comes additional learning on how to keep up your SEO rankings, not just for the computer but for mobile marketing as well. Here are some useful sources from this week’s inbound marketing news to help you learn the steps to being a successful mobile marketer.

Mobile Marketing

What’s The Difference Between Mobile & Desktop SEO?

Knowing the difference between marketing on a computer verse a mobile device is key when using keywords for SEO and how the mobile website or app is being used. Bryson Meunier, a Search Engine Land writer, explains how mobile SEO is different from desktop SEO. In this article you’ll learn:

  • What makes mobile SEO different
  • How to optimize your mobile app or website
  • Keep your mobile audience engaged

Smartphone Users Frustrated With Mobile Web Experience

When making a mobile website or app, it is important to keep your target audience satisfied by giving them what they are looking for when they are using a phone as opposed to using a computer. Keep in mind when people are looking at your website on their phone, it means they are on the go and want information fast. In this article from MarketingProfs:

  • Learn why users are frustrated with mobile websites
  • What is the main reason the user is on the mobile site
  • Note the frustrations and make necessary changes to avoid issues

Six Tips for Mobile Marketing to Engage Customers

If you have a mobile website for your business, what mobile marketing strategies are you using to keep your customers engaged? Gail Goodman, from Entrpreneur, provides tips on keeping your customers engaged and ways to efficiently provide information to your mobile users. You will learn:

  • Making emails mobile friendly
  • Provide information fast and simple
  • Give incentive for people to “check-in” to your business

Mobile Marketing Week Sept. 5-9: Register for events

If you want to learn more about Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketer is having a Mobile Marketing Week with special events to celebrate mobile advertising, marketing and media.

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