CRO: Getting Marketing Conversions with Justin Rondeau

What is conversion rate optimization? And how can it help you grow your business?

If anyone understands the science of conversion rates, it's Justin Rondeau. Being the Director of Marketing at DigitalMarketerRondeau has spent his entire career working on optimization campaigns and has run hundreds of tests for both B2B and ecommerce brands and has analyzed 3,000+ tests across virtually every industry.

Through his research he has learned that when trying to optimize a campaign or landing page there are only four fundamental things that actually impact conversions: 

  1. The Offer 
  2. The Articulation
  3. The Targeting 
  4. The Design 
Naturally we were interested in learning more! 
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Author: Steve James

Weekly Flashback: Catchy Email Subject Lines & Facebook Live for Business

How many times have you hit “send” on an email and questioned if it would actually be opened? Writing good subject lines can be a daunting task for even the best writer. In this week’s flashback post, you’ll want to check out “17 Tips & Best Practices” to help you with writing catchy subject lines that will get your emails opened. This week’s posts also include tips for using Facebook demographics to connect with your community, how to analyze web elements that may be handicapping your conversion rate and all about how to use Facebook live videos for business. Take a look at my favorite posts from this past week: 

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Author: Steve James

How To Set Up The New Facebook Pixel On Your Website (Part 2 – Custom Conversions)

In part one of my series on setting up the new Facebook pixel on your website, we focused on creating a pixel and adding it to your website. If you are a marketer that is currently running Facebook ads, these two steps are critical because they allow you to track actions people take after viewing your ad across different devices. By placing the pixel on important pages of your website (like the checkout or thank-you page), you will have access to the information needed to understand who converts as a result of your advertising. In part two of this series, we are going to focus on custom conversions.

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Author: Steve James

3 Resources for Marketers to Test Landing Page Conversion Rates

People used to refer to the Internet as "The Wild Wild West." It was a time you could try anything, break all the rules, with a no-holds barred attitude.  But just as the West was tamed, eventually the Internet "settled down," rules were put in place, resulting in more structure and less "black hat."   (Yes, some people still call traffic driving methods "white hat" (legitimate) or "black hat" (can get you banned by the search engines).

landing page conversion rates
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Author: Monica Madsen