How NOT To Use QR Codes In Your Marketing

I applaud companies and inbound marketers for taking a chance and testing new technologies such as QR codes (abbreviated from Quick Response Codes). After all, an important part of inbound marketing is testing and measuring. But the excitement of new technology can sometimes cause marketers to use tactics that leave me asking the question, "I wonder what they were thinking?" qr codes marketing

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Author: Jeff Coon

Inbound Marketing Weekly Recap - Oct. 3 - 7

Quick Response (QR) codes are being used in businesses to expand their reach. It seems like you can't go anywhere without seeing a QR code on a label, wall, or even on t-shirts. I've even seen QR codes on ketchup bottles, telling you about the product and business. The reason QR codes are so effective is because they are able to hold information and are easy to use. They connect people to other people, businesses, and online content. Here are this week's QR code articles, explaining how to use QR codes for all types of businesses.

Stream Creative QR Code
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Author: Monica Madsen

Digital Barcode Readers Helping Offline Connect to Online Marketing

Stream Creative Facebook Page QR Code

In the past year, I've been reading more and more about how companies are testing and using barcodes in offline marketing campaigns.  You can add these QR codes or barcodes to anything where you can place an image, so you have an endless amount of ways to add them to your marketing material. I created this image to the right by using After scanning, it will take you directly to our Facebook page (give it a try!).  This last week I've noticed mentions in two local publications that allow the reader to scan a barcode, or QR code, with their smartphone to receive some "bonus" information.

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Author: Steve James