Video Marketing - How to Use Video to Support Sales and Business Development  [Video]

 Guest Blog by Tony Gnau, T60 Productions

The question these days isn’t so much should your business produce videos. Research data tells us we should be asking what videos should you produce, how many, and what’s it going to cost?! The good news is the answers are pretty simple… even the cost one.

I recently talked with two marketing pros on the front lines of marketing videos and sales enablement. They shared their insights on how video can support sales and business development. 

They will be going more in depth into this topic during their Experience Inbound session, "Got Video? Four Tactics To Drive More Sales Through Video Personalization."

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Author: Tony Gnau - Guest Blog

Data-Driven Marketing, Automation & Engagement: Video Q&A with Mike Grahl of the Milwaukee Bucks

Few business professionals work for the same organization where they began as an intern. Chief Digital Officer for the Milwaukee Bucks, Mike Grahl, looks forward to entering his 20th season with the team that helped him kick-off his professional career in the sales and marketing department. “I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to start my career with an organization that has allowed me to grow, take initiative and learn everyday – which I am continuing to do today.” Mike now oversees all digital marketing efforts for the organization which include team websites, mobile, social media, email & database marketing and much more.

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Author: Brian Brinkman

How to Improve Your Data-Driven Marketing Results with a Free SEO Dashboard using SEMrush & Databox

Here at Stream Creative we love SEMrush, in fact we rely on it heavily for building our data-driven SEO strategies. Whether the strategy is for a manufacturer, law firm, university, or any other business, SEMrush has it covered for a deep-dive SEO analysis (top SEO experts agree with me).

With the fast pace that business moves today, marketing teams are expected to perform at the same fast pace, and produce measurable results. Rightfully so. Measurement and monitoring are part of the daily marketing mix for good reason. If you blink, you may have missed an opportunity. And if you’re only checking in on your data weekly, it may be too late – especially in highly competitive markets. Industry experts agree:

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Author: Linda Kyzar

How to Create Monthly Marketing Dashboard Templates with Databox

Proving the value of your online marketing and advertising campaigns should be easy. Every website platform, online advertising program and social media website now comes complete with data - tons and tons of data. When you add that to Google Analytics, MOZ, SEMrush and the like, you have endless reporting capabilities at your fingertips. In fact, if you are not currently overwhelmed with the sheer volume of available data, please, tell us your secret.

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Author: Janice Dombrowski