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Q&A: Sam Mallikarjunan of HubSpot Talks Breaking Stereotypes, Building Prospects' Trust & Cheeseheads

This post was originally published on the Weidert Group Marketing & Sales Blog.

HubSpot is arguably the global leader in inbound marketing. Their all-in-one software platform helps companies create a web presence, convert online traffic into leads that can be tracked and nurtured, execute email campaigns and analyze business metrics. Starting with only three clients in 2006, it now serves more than 23,000 customers in 90 countries worldwide.

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Author: Tammy Borden

What Makes or Breaks Digital Content: Q&A Video with Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios

Andy Crestodina established one of Chicago's premier web design and development agencies fifteen years ago, Orbit Media Studios, but admits that there is some brand confusion around the company’s services provided and practices preached. As the author of “Content Chemistry” and founder of Content Jam in Chicago, so much of Andy’s expertise revolves around educating marketers about content marketing.

He says that his team takes the approach of “building cars AND teaching drivers ed.” While his company focuses on web design, they understand the importance of providing education to marketers that goes deeper into SEO, analytic conversion, content strategy and much more.

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Author: Jeff Coon

The Land of Moz — Q&A with Britney Muller, SEO & Content Architect

This post was originally shared by Weidert Group on April 26, 2017.

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Author: Tammy Borden

How to Improve Your Data-Driven Marketing Results with a Free SEO Dashboard using SEMRush & Databox

Here at Stream Creative we love SEMRush, in fact we rely on it heavily for building our data-driven SEO strategies. Whether the strategy is for a manufacturer, law firm, university, or any other business, SEMRush has it covered for a deep-dive SEO analysis.

With the fast pace that business moves today, marketing teams are expected to perform at the same fast pace, and produce measurable results. Rightfully so. Measurement and monitoring are part of the daily marketing mix for good reason. If you blink, you may have missed an opportunity. And if you’re only checking in on your data weekly, it may be too late – especially in highly competitive markets. Industry experts agree:

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Author: Linda Kyzar

Outshine the Competition with an Inbound Approach: Q&A with Jen Spencer of Allbound

This post was originally shared by Weidert Group on April 19, 2017.

Among the speakers at Experience Inbound 2017 is Jen Spencer, VP of Sales & Marketing for Phoenix-based Allbound. She joined the startup in 2015 and helped bring the company to its first $1 million in revenue in less than a year using her innovative inbound marketing program. She will share how she did it during her presentation at the event. 

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Author: Lucie Hennetier

How to Use Data to Optimize Your Content Calendar in 5 Minutes

If you have 5 minutes, follow along as we review the simple steps you can take to optimize your content calendar with data. As a savvy marketer, this may not be new-to-you information, but it will serve as a good reminder to look at what your data is telling you!

By using data to drive your blogging decisions, you can:

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Author: Janice Dombrowski

New Features in HubSpot CRM for Sales Productivity (2017 Updates)

The HubSpot CRM Has Changed How We Do Business

We were early adopters and one of the very first customers and partners to use the HubSpot CRM back in 2014. As a HubSpot certified partner, we were fortunate to have early beta access to test it out and we haven’t looked back since. Prior to the HubSpot CRM, we tested a few other systems and almost pulled the trigger on SalesForce.

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Author: Steve James

How to setup Google AMP in Hubspot

There's a famous scene in Rocky II (easily the greatest movie of all time), where Rocky's manager Mick explains how they're going to beat the champ, Apollo Creed.

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Author: Brian Brinkman

Top 10 Reasons to Experience Inbound

It’s that time of the year again! Better than Christmas and your birthday mixed together, Experience Inbound is back and better than ever. This unique sales and marketing conference is going to give you the know-how to attract and close more opportunities using inbound marketing. And do you know what the best part is? The best part is that there are 10 best parts!   

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Author: Stephanie Santoro

New website redesign leads to 167% increase in visitors and 235% increase in leads.

There’s an old expression “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”.  Prior to this year, I felt this expression accurately described our own website.  This saying sums up how professionals can sometimes fall into the trap of not applying their skills to their own business.  

At Stream Creative, it’s our passion to exceed our client’s expectations and too often this comes at the expense of our own marketing efforts. Well, in late 2016 we decided to do something about it.  We needed to do a better job treating ourselves as a client.  

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Author: Brian Brinkman